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Bulletin Board: For November – National Novel Writing Month
Submitted by Joshua Mannix, Resident Assistant, Indiana State University

Bulletin Board: Recycling
Submitted by Caitlin Brown, Resident Assistant, Emerson College

Bulletin Board: Before you swipe right … and other relationship advice
Submitted by Jen Zarate, Ball State University

Bulletin Board: Black Friday Shopping Tips
Submitted by Kammy Kuang, Resident Advisor, East Tennessee State University

Program Possibilities:  Ping Pong Tournament
Submitted by Randi Lemenager, Westfield State University

Program Possibilities: Campus-wide: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament!
Submitted by Brendan Pinto, Morningside College

Program Possibilities: Nerf Wars
Submitted by Meaghan Fuller, Resident Assistant, Westfield State University

Bulletin Board: Adderall
Submitted by Nicole Ward, Miami University of Ohio

Bulletin Board: A Doctor Who inspired with the names of on campus resources
Submitted by Jazzy Williams-Smith, McDaniel College

Door Tag: Fabulous Four
Submitted by Simone Valdez, Resident Advisor, Casas del Rio at the University of New Mexico

Bulletin Board: Guy Code
Submitted by Billie Gadway, Resident Assistant, Morrisville State College

Program Possibilities: Oxfam Hunger Banquet
Update from Caitlin, Northeastern University