Resident Assistants


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Take My Heart and Let’s Never Part
Submitted by Wesley Clark, Resident Assistant, The University of Georgia

A Perspective on Politics for R.A.s
Submitted by Karen L. Pennington, Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life, Montclair

Bulletin Board: Diversity, Inclusion and Dr. Seuss
Submitted by Caitlin Brown, Resident Assistant, Emerson College

Bulletin Board: President’s Day
Casey Cummings, Resident Advisor, Montana State University- Bozeman

Program Possibilities Area: March Madness Food Drive
Submitted by Danielle Reed, Resident Assistant, Missouri State University

You’ll Never Believe This Area: Other “Goat” Duties As Assigned
Submitted by an Anonymous RA

Door Tag: Fabulous Four
Submitted by Simone Valdez, Resident Advisor, Casas del Rio at the University of New Mexico

Program Possibilities: Oxfam Hunger Banquet
Update from Caitlin, Northeastern University