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Door Decorations: 3-D Pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving

Submitted by Carissa Imdorf, RA, Lockhaven University

Bulletin Board: 10 Things Men Can Do To Prevent Sexual Violence

Submitted by Michael Crosa, Warren Wilson College with the support of Texas A&M University

Bulletin Board: Highlight how your residents are getting involved on campus!

Submitted by Tara Ritenour, Community Assistant, University of Pittsburgh – Greenburg

Bulletin Board: Trick or Treat…Halloween Safe Sex Bulletin Board

Submitted by Justine

Bulletin Board: Harry Potter with total floor theme!

Submitted by Desiree Poyer, Resident Assistant at William Paterson University

Door Tag: Snoopy and Pumpkin Halloween

Brandon Douglas, RA, Albion College

Bulletin Board: Halloween Horror Movies

Submitted by Kammy Kuang, East Tennessee State University

Bulletin Board: Recycling Facts

Submitted by Travis Schombert, Morningside College

Bulletin Board: A Cup of Coffee Shared with a Friend is Happiness

Submitted by Khian Lee Foo - Minot State University

Door Tag Idea: Travel the World

Submitted by Simone Valdez, Resident Advisor, Casas del Rio at the University of New Mexicoy

Door Decoration: Caramel Apples

Submitted by Callie S. Blakey, Community Advisor, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Door Tag Idea: Resident heads on famous bodies

Submitted by Nick Brinks, Morningside Collegey

Bulletin Board: Affordable Care Act

Submitted by Christiana Mpaka, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

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